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Operating in the uncongested 60 GHz frequency band, its high bandwidth capacity and robust error-correction combine to deliver uncompressed HD video, multi-channel surround sound, and intelligent control data wirelessly.

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Compatible with all popular mobile platforms including Apple iOS devices and Google Android, ConnectTRx provides a universal tool for mobile output.

Mobile devices can be used to display video, presentations, games, and any other content on any larger display.

ConnectTRx can be operated completely on battery power for total mobility and flexibility.

Home & Office

Dramatically simplifies home theater installation and eliminates the need to locate source devices like set-top boxes near the TV.

Allows a TV to be hung on virtually any wall without drilling holes or running audio and video cables

Extremely low latency makes it suitable for even the most demanding applications, such as gaming and interactive video streaming

Technical Features

Operates in the 60 GHz frequency band, not subject to interference by WiFi signals, microwave radiation, or cordless phones

Supports up to 1080p/60 video and 7.1 surround sound. High data transfer rates (10-28 Mbps) enable transmission of uncompressed signals for a superior viewing experience

Supports HDCP technology for handling copy-protected digital content.